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Mobile Technology has opened a world of opportunities to help us decrease our carbon footprint. Reducing the use of paper and stationery is just one way to help preserve the "green-ness" of our Earth. Our focus is on the preservation of both natural and man-made amenities available in an integral space that brings communities together - Parks!

We believe every community deserves lush and defect-free parks and playgrounds that are enjoyable year-round. With parkZapp you barely have to lift a finger! All you need is a tablet to swipe or tap towards a community safe-haven.

Let's strive towards a future where all playgrounds provide an injury-free experience, all because of efficient & effective inspection procedures. No papers, no pencils, just a digital platform for field and office tasks. Join our movement to make YOUR parks safer and OUR world greener.

"ParkZapp is hands on. It helps to be free from paper and pencil. Storing data in the cloud makes it to print reports easily".


Parks Maintenance Worker, Elk River MN

July 3rd 2018

“ Customer support is great. Layout is nice and clear. Great company to work with. "

Karen Sweeney

Director of Parks & Rec, Doylestown Township, PA

April 10th 2018

“ As a newer CPSI certified inspector ParkZapp made my inspections lot more thorough and detailed. ParkZapp helps me to understand the guidelines better and made me a better inspector. We are not utilizing ParkZapp to its full potential and we should. I like ParkZapp.”


CPSI Inspector, Foster, CA

March 19th 2018

“ ParkZapp is simplifying overall process of inspections. It allows me to delegate the inspection responsibility to others, keeping the centralize control within me to collect data and do inspections myself. ”


CPSI Inspector, Carmel, IN

March 15th 2018

“ It is the first experience in using an application for inspection. ParkZapp is very detailed oriented and good job in doing inspections. ”

Jordan. L

Equipment manufacturer, AZ

March 12th 2018

“ ParkZapp is great. It is easy to get help. ”

Chis M, PA

March 12th 2018

“ ParkZapp has really saved us time on our inspections and is a great way to manage all of your public park records. I would highly recommend ParkZapp and Zamorins for all of your inspection needs. ”

Roger Reed

CPSI Inspector, City of Hagerstown, MD

Nov 22nd 2017

“ Parkzapp. Affordable, easy to use, saves time, great support. The question isn’t why get it, the question is why not? ”

Ed Hayden

Maintenance Manager, City of Gulfport, Mississippi

March 20th 2018

” ParkZapp is simple to use, keeps you up on your schedule, not time consuming and process to work with Zamorins Solutions is nice and easy”


Parks Department Superintendent, City of Waukee, IA

July 11th 2018

” ParkZapp staff have been very responsive and helpful to simplify playground systems. Looking forward to long term successful partnership with you in coming years”


Parks Superintendent, Coralville, IA

March 28th 2018

"Hello my name is Garrett and I work for the City of Foster City Parks Dept. I have been using ParkZapp for a little over two years. As a fairly new CPSI ParkZapp has been a great tool for me to use. I really like the attention to detail in the reports. For me the best part about the app is placing work orders. You are able to take a picture of the issue, and put it in the work order. This allows the person fixing the issue to know know exactly whats going on. ParkZapp has definitely helped me become a better CPSI."


CPSI Inspector, Foster, CA

November 20th 2018

“ ParkZapp has great customer support, personable and took efforts to make me understand what is done.”

Keith Pressey

Director of Recreation, Orange NJ

January 11th 2019

“ParkZapp is great tool. It is user friendly, easy to access, it really helps in saving time, simple service. It is great !”

Todd Shank

Parks Superintendent, City of Alhambra

May 8th 2019

”ParkZapp provides the ability to do thorough inspections and not to use paper and pencil. Using ParkZapp saves energy and time by focusing only on what is required to inspect in a playground. Happy to use ParkZapp! ”

Paul Mount CPSI

Green Living Services, NV

June 14th 2019

”ParkZapp is lot more automated, user friendly. Customer service is A class. I would recommend ParkZapp to any CPSI’s who would like the inspection reporting easy. It will help to stand in any litigation. I have used number of applications but ParkZapp is tailored to fit all different types of playgrounds.”

Emmanuel CPSI

Lomita, CA

August 28th 2019

Why ParkZapp ?


Replace traditional paper checklists to make audits and inspections.


Complete audits and inspections from your tablet.


Generate standardized assessments to quickly and accurately complete inspections.


Record non-conformance to compliance guidelines through integrated photo and video captures.


Integrated map with geo-locations with real-time inspection status.


Instant access to updated manuals for agencies that follow ASTM standards and/or CPSC guidelines


Automate playground compliance


Manage possible non-compliance issues with integrated maintenance alert tools.


Stay updated with compliance standards from the palm of your hands.


Print detailed audit and inspection reports whether online or offline.


Control administrative roles and permissions with a user-friendly dashboard.


Scaleable from single user to Enterprise.


Communities and companies stay collaborative in park and playground safety with interactive platform.


Utilize parkZapp's photo and video recording feature to take preventative measures before injuries occur


Directly connect with equipment manufacturers to communicate non-compliance or hazards


Allows park-goers and playground users to connect directly to park administration for maintenance


Publish park event notifications to community

Awesome Features & Benefits

Tablet-based Inspections

Carefully designed with field inspections in mind, ParkZapp is conveniently available on tablets supported by Android and iOS platforms.

Conduct audits

Communities are safest when regular asset management and hazard assessment checks are regularized. Get real-time alerts of audits that are due for select parks.

Digitize reports

Say good-bye to stacks of paper and get caught up with the digital era.

Snap or Record

Take pictures or videos of possible hazard or non-compliance concerns and attach to reports.

Assign work orders
24/7 Online Support
Appealing interface
User friendly
Quick & easy Setup









Frequently Asked Questions

How does ParkZapp work?

ParkZapp is an easy to use solution for any Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) or anyone else responsible for playground and equipment safety. Based on ASTM standards and developed with the assistance of CPSI inspectors, ParkZapp offers numerous benefits over old style paper and pencil inspections. Learn all about it here.

Can I use an iPad or an Android tablet?

Yes, you can download the free companion app from the iTunes store and android app from Google Play store.

Can I create a work order using ParkZapp?

Yes, you can easily create a work order and capture non-compliance items through integrated photo and video recording. Enter a field note and email it to the appropriate person.

How does ParkZapp work out in the field?

Simple, just sync your tablet over WiFi to the cloud based storage built into ParkZapp and you’re ready to go. When you return to the office, just sync again to have everything available on your desktop. If you have WiFi in the park, even better.

Do I have to login from my office computer?

No, since ParkZapp is cloud based you can login from anywhere and see the latest information.
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