Here are a few things you will need to remember to keep your children safe

As the precautionary ban on the usage of playgrounds is coming to an end, let’s take that extra care to keep our kids safe on the playgrounds. After months of waiting around children are now running back to playgrounds that are now reopening in all the 50 states.

While this is good news for children, some parents are being a bit more than just cautious. With the
Coronavirus continuing to spread, the unavailability of a vaccine until next year is the major concern
among parents and guardians all over the country. Although the overall number of deaths in the United States has been curving downward, testing in some states suggests that infections are still on the higher side. So, is it really safe for our children to go back into the playground?

Are Playgrounds Still Safe?

We cannot neglect the risk of contracting the virus at a place like a playground, which is occupied by a large number of people with various perspectives on social distancing and hygiene.
But outdoor playgrounds do offer the benefit of fresh air and much more space between people compared to that of most indoor spaces. The consensus of being safer outdoors rather than in indoor or public gathering spaces, like a mall, is currently growing on people. According to the experts, the motionless air can contain respiratory droplet remains for a long time while the virus gets diluted in the flowing air outside.

However, a crowded playground could present a bigger risk. According to the Executive Office for
Energy and Environmental Affairs, if the playground is largely crowded social distancing can not be
established. Colorado has established a more specific set of rules regarding the capacity of people in a playground at a specific time. An announcement by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment stated that playgrounds should be used by no more than 25 people at a time and that high-touch areas should be cleaned and disinfected at a “uniform interval of time.”

Is it important for kids to wear a mask at the playground?

Yes! Wearing masks in playgrounds is strongly recommended by the C.D.C. Face coverings are believed to minimize virus transmission. Even the World Health Organization, which had previously declined to accept face masks, concluded in June that in accordance with “an increasing compendium of observational evidence” the concerned governments should promote the wearing of masks.

Cloth masks worn by the general public aren’t as effective as surgical masks or N95 respirators, but they provide offer some barrier protection against the large respiratory droplets generated when an infected person sneezes, coughs or breathes.

The Caregiver’s perspective: Safeguarding themselves and the children on the

● If a playground is full of children, consider coming back at a different time of day — perhaps
early in the morning when the crowds are thinner.
● If there aren’t any bathrooms nearby to wash children’s hands regularly, carry a C.D.C.(Centers
for Disease Control) recommended sanitizer. Apply enough to coat the surface of both hands and
then tell your child to rub their hands together until they are dry. Consider cleaning your child’s
hands before they eat a snack on the playground and also after leaving it.

● If you plan to use sanitizer, it’s wise to have wet wipes or a bottle of water on hand as well. That
way, if your child’s hands become covered in dirt or sand you can clean them off before applying
the sanitizer. The C.D.C. states that the sanitizer is less effective on dirty or greasy hands.

● Together, we should familiarize ourselves with our new normal and hope that the world will go
back to the world as we knew it.

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