Frequently Asked Questions

How does ParkZapp work?

ParkZapp is an easy to use solution for any Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) or anyone else responsible for playground and equipment safety. Based on ASTM standards and developed with the assistance of CPSI inspectors, ParkZapp offers numerous benefits over old style paper and pencil inspections. Learn all about it here.

Can I use an iPad or an Android tablet?

Yes, you can download the free companion app from the iTunes App store today. The Android version is underway.

Can I create a work order using ParkZapp?

Yes, easily create a work order and capture non-compliance items through integrated photo and video recording. Enter a field note and email it to the appropriate person.

How does ParkZapp work out in the field?

Simple, just sync your tablet over WiFi to the cloud based storage built into ParkZapp and you’re ready to go. When you return to the office, just sync again to have everything available on your desktop. If you have WiFi in the park, even better.

Do I have to login from my office computer?

No, since ParkZapp is cloud based you can login from anywhere and see the latest information.

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